“A Hebrew liquid measure, the tenth part of an homer (1 Kings” “7:26, 38; Ezek. 45:10, 14). It contained 8 gallons 3 quarts of” “our measure. “Ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath” (Isa.” 5:10) denotes great unproductiveness.

Daughter of many, the name of one of the gates of the city of” “Heshbon, near which were pools (Cant. 7:4).”

The use of the bath was very frequent among the Hebrews (Lev. “14:8; Num. 19:19, ect.). The high priest at his inauguration” “(Lev. 8:6), and on the day of atonement, was required to bathe” “himself (16:4, 24). The “pools” mentioned in Neh. 3:15, 16, 2″ “Kings 20:20, Isa. 22:11, John 9:7, were public bathing-places.”

Daughter of the oath, or of seven, called also Bath-shu’a (1” “Chr. 3:5), was the daughter of Eliam (2 Sam. 11:3) or Ammiel (1” “Chr. 3:5), and wife of Uriah the Hittite. David committed” “adultery with her (2 Sam. 11:4, 5; Ps. 51:1). The child born in” adultery died (2 Sam. 12:15-19). After her husband was slain “(11:15) she was married to David (11:27), and became the mother” of Solomon (12:24; 1 Kings 1:11; 2:13). She took a prominent part in securing the succession of Solomon to the throne (1 “Kings 1:11, 16-21).”

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