“In the expression “by myself” (A.V., 1 Cor. 4:4), means, as” “rendered in the Revised Version, “against myself.”

“Immediately (Matt. 13:21; R.V., “straightway;” Luke 21:9).”

“Only in Judg. 5:6 and Ps. 125:5; literally “winding or twisted” “roads.” The margin has “crooked ways.”

Hebrew millah (Job 30:9), a word or speech, and hence object of” “talk; Hebrew mashal (Ps. 44:14), a proverb or parable. When it” “denotes a sharp word of derision, as in Deut. 28:37, 1 Kings” “9:7, 2 Chr. 7:20, the Hebrew sheninah is used. In Jer. 24:9 it” “is rendered “taunt.”

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