“A harp, one of the “fenced cities” of Naphtali (Josh. 19:35;” “comp. Deut. 3:17). It also denotes, apparently, a district which” may have taken its name from the adjacent city or lake of “Gennesaret, anciently called “the sea of Chinnereth” (q.v.), and” was probably that enclosed district north of Tiberias afterwards “called “the plain of Gennesaret.” Called Chinneroth (R.V.,” “Chinnereth) Josh. 11:2. The phrase “all Cinneroth, with all the” “land of Naphtali” in 1 Kings 15:20 is parallel to “the” “store-houses of the cities of Naphtali” (R.V. marg.) in 2 Chr.” 16:04

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