“The rendering of a Hebrew word bor, which means a receptacle for” “water conveyed to it; distinguished from beer, which denotes a” place where water rises on the spot (Jer. 2:13; Prov. 5:15; Isa. “36:16), a fountain. Cisterns are frequently mentioned in” Scripture. The scarcity of springs in Palestine made it necessary to collect rain-water in reservoirs and cisterns (Num. 21:22). (See [117]WELL.) “Empty cisterns were sometimes used as prisons (Jer. 38:6; Lam. “3:53; Ps. 40:2; 69:15). The “pit” into which Joseph was cast” (Gen. 37:24) was a beer or dry well. There are numerous remains of ancient cisterns in all parts of Palestine.

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