“Now called Candia, one of the largest islands in the” “Meditterranean, about 140 miles long and 35 broad. It was at one” “time a very prosperous and populous island, having a “hundred” “cities.” The character of the people is described in Paul’s” “quotation from “one of their own poets” (Epimenides) in his” “epistle to Titus: “The Cretans are alway liars, evil beasts,” “slow bellies” (Titus 1:12). Jews from Crete were in Jerusalem on” the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:11). The island was visited by Paul on his voyage to Rome (Acts 27). Here Paul subsequently left “Titus (1:5) “to ordain elders.” Some have supposed that it was” the original home of the Caphtorim (q.v.) or Philistines.

Definition of Crete: carnal; fleshly”

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