“(1.) A district in Egypt where Jacob and his family settled, and” “in which they remained till the Exodus (Gen. 45:10; 46:28, 29,” “31, etc.). It is called “the land of Goshen” (47:27), and also” “simply “Goshen” (46:28), and “the land of Rameses” (47:11; Ex.” “12:37), for the towns Pithom and Rameses lay within its borders;” “also Zoan or Tanis (Ps. 78:12). It lay on the east of the Nile,” “and apparently not far from the royal residence. It was “the” “best of the land” (Gen. 47:6, 11), but is now a desert. It is” first mentioned in Joseph’s message to his father. It has been “identified with the modern Wady Tumilat, lying between the” eastern part of the Delta and the west border of Palestine. It “was a pastoral district, where some of the king’s cattle were” kept (Gen. 47:6). The inhabitants were not exclusively “Israelites (Ex. 3:22; 11:2; 12:35, 36).” “(2.) A district in Palestine (Josh. 10:41; 11:16). It was a part “of the maritime plain of Judah, and lay between Gaza and Gibeon.” “(3.) A town in the mountains of Judah (Josh. 15:51).

Definition of Goshen: “approaching; drawing near”

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