“Fruitful, an ancient town on the northern frontier of Palestine,” “35 miles north-east of Baalbec, and 10 or 12 south of Lake Homs,” “on the eastern bank of the Orontes, in a wide and fertile plain.” Here Nebuchadnezzar had his head-quarters in his campaign “against Jerusalem, and here also Necho fixed his camp after he” “had routed Josiah’s army at Megiddo (2 Kings 23:29-35; 25:6, 20,” 21; Jer. 39:5; 52:10). It was on the great caravan road from “Palestine to Carchemish, on the Euphrates. It is described (Num.” “34:11) as “on the eastern side of Ain.” A place still called el” “Ain, i.e., “the fountain”, is found in such a position about 10″ miles distant. (See JERUSALEM.)..

Definition of Riblah: “quarrel;greatness to him”

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