“More properly sycomore (Heb. shikmoth and shikmim, Gr.” “sycomoros), a tree which in its general character resembles the” “fig-tree, while its leaves resemble those of the mulberry; hence” “it is called the fig-mulberry (Ficus sycomorus). At Jericho,” Zacchaeus climbed a sycomore-tree to see Jesus as he passed by (Luke 19:4). This tree was easily destroyed by frost (Ps. “78:47), and therefore it is found mostly in the “vale” (1 Kings” 10:27; 2 Chr. 1:15: in both passages the R.V. has properly “lowland), i.e., the “low country,” the shephelah, where the” “climate is mild. Amos (7:14) refers to its fruit, which is of an” inferior character; so also probably Jeremiah (24:2). It is to “be distinguished from our sycamore (the Acer pseudo-platanus),” which is a species of maple often called a plane-tree.

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