“Palm, a city built by Solomon “in the wilderness” (2 Chr. 8:4).” “In 1 Kings 9:18, where the word occurs in the Authorized” “Version, the Hebrew text and the Revised Version read “Tamar,” which is properly a city on the southern border of Palestine and toward the wilderness (comp. Ezek. 47:19; 48:28). In 2 Chr. 8:14 Tadmor is mentioned in connection with Hamath-zobah. It is called Palmyra by the Greeks and Romans. It stood in the great “Syrian wilderness, 176 miles from Damascus and 130 from the” Mediterranean and was the centre of a vast commercial traffic with Western Asia. It was also an important military station. “(See [620]SOLOMON.) “Remains of ancient temples and palaces,” “surrounded by splendid colonnades of white marble, many of which” “are yet standing, and thousands of prostrate pillars, scattered” “over a large extent of space, attest the ancient magnificence of” “this city of palms, surpassing that of the renowned cities of” “Greece and Rome.”

Definition of Tadmor: “the palm-tree; bitterness”

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