The world is filled with hurting people: those who are sick in body, in mind, in spirit, or in all of these. Healthcare professionals who have a desire to use their talents and skills in a biblically centered, culturally sensitive outreach will find many opportunities with TEL International.

We recruit qualified medical teams and offer short-term assignments for volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care professionals as well as non-medical volunteers to conduct overseas medical clinics in areas where health care is limited or difficult to obtain. On short-term medical trips, itinerant clinics are used in cooperation with local churches to strengthen outreach ministries, open new areas to the gospel, and provide primary care for the underserved, while giving the caregiver opportunities for one-on-one ministry. Short-term trips may be conducted in established fields in partnership with TEL International resident missionaries or national church partners, or in areas where there is hope of starting new ministries. What a wonderful way to spend some vacation days, to see what part missions could play in your life, and to be used of God in overseas outreach while you are working full time at home or preparing for your future ministry.

We solicit your financial support in order to raise the funds needed to purchase medications, health supplies and equip our volunteer team of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, dentists, etc.) who go to serve freely the various hurting peoples. Success is only possible when we PRAY, GIVE and GO (Mark 16:15). You are encouraged to pray, give, and (if at all possible) go with us on these medical missions. We deeply appreciate any assistance offered to procure the medicine and supplies that our volunteer team needs to serve.

If you are a healthcare or allied health professional or student, an undergraduate student or just interested in using the skills and resources the Lord has entrusted to you, give us a call. The Lord is calling you to serve Him, and you will be blessed in your obedience. Together, with your help, we can make a difference, one precious life at a time.