Bringing Water to the World

Bringing Water to the World

One of the major challenges the people in West Africa face is the lack of a good clean water source. Without clean, safe drinking water, diseases, dehydration and even premature death constantly plague the people. Children are especially susceptible to disease because their immune systems are experiencing everything for the first time. Daily thousands of mothers are forced to make a choice to watch their children die of dehydration, or give them what water they can from a polluted, dirty, water source, full of parasites and bacteria.

The risks of drinking contaminated water are just as great as drinking no water at all. For every five children that die in developing countries, one will die because of water-related diseases. The choice between life-threatening dehydration and life-threatening water related disease is not a choice that any person should have to make.

Through our water, sanitation and hygiene program, TEL International is bringing living water by sharing Jesus Christ. We partner with the local faith community in the village and provide them with a reliable source of water that is safe to drink through interventions like: wells; rainwater catchment systems; piping systems to irrigate crops; and purification equipment to treat water contaminated by bacteria and other waterborne disease-carriers.

A big piece of what we do is make sure they (the village) is poised for long-term success. More importantly, the choice between dehydration and sickness is no longer a daily decision. Thousands have been impacted by the work of TEL International. We have been given an opportunity to go into places where clean water doesn’t exist and profoundly change people’s lives. It’s an amazing ministry and I’m proud to be part of it.

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