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Haiti Mission Trip - 7 Days


Haiti is a piece of paradise taken straight from the movies, with turquoise waves gently lapping at golden shores, mountaintops peeking through lush vegetation and spectacular sunsets blanketing the landscape in vivid color. In Haiti there are a number of unique cultural and linguistic trends, highly influenced by the nation’s African heritage. Some say Haiti is really a West African country in the Caribbean. The opportunities to make a real and tangible impact on the lives of the Haitian people are endless. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, member of a professional organization, college student or someone looking to travel with friends and family our staff will work with you to ensure that your unique gifts will be used to meet a real need while you are on the ground serving in Haiti.

Haiti Short-Term Mission Trips:

  • March 21—27, 2020
  • May 2—8, 2020
  • June 13—19, 2020
  • July 25—31, 2020
  • September 5—11, 2020
  • October 17—23, 2020

Day 1


Haiti Short-Term Mission Trip


Food and lodging included in the total trip cost.

Airfare and In-Country Transportation

We take care of as many logistical details as possible, so you can focus on your MISSION. We coordinate all the airline travel booking and arrange all in-country transportation. The cost of your flight and in-country transportation is included in the total trip cost.

Passports and Visas

All Americans traveling abroad need a passport that is valid for at least six (6) months after the travel dates. The US Passport cards are not valid for air travel, nor are they valid for travel to and from your destination. If you need to get, update, or renew your passport, visit the government’s website. Visa and processing are not included in the total trip cost.


Generally, travelers receive shots/medicine to prevent; malaria, typhoid, tetanus, Hepatitis. Obtain more information prior to your appointment by consulting the website. Vaccination and immunization costs are not included in your total trip cost as you will have to obtain these at a medical facility where you live. If you have any questions or concerns about your immunizations, please contact your family physician before they are administered.


Included in the mission trip cost is travel insurance which will assist you in your return to the U.S. should you become ill while traveling.

General Information

All other information, including country history, cross-cultural travel tips, what to pack, weather conditions, and fundraising techniques are all included in the short-term mission team manual you will receive once you complete and submit your application and $250 deposit.

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Price From USD $ 1,895/person
Total $ 1,895 USD