Bless His Name

Bless His Name

We could very easily take all day to bless His holy nature. By nature, He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-beneficent. By nature, He is gracious, loving and kind. By nature, He is real, righteous and just. By nature, He is forgiving, fruitful and faithful. There is enough here, having to do with His nature, which could keep us busy for quite a while. Yet, the psalmist doesn’t go to His nature, He takes us to His name.

Perhaps, the writer does so because His name is holy. It is so holy that it should not be taken in vain. It is so holy that it is mentioned in the Lord’s model prayer. (Hallowed be Thy name.) It is so holy that the ancient Jews never pronounced it out loud when they saw it in writing. It is so holy that it should not be taken lightly or mentioned casually. Furthermore, we ought to bless His name because of:

The Person. Calling a person’s name brings to mind images and memories of that person. For, in many ways, a person’s name represents them. Therefore, blessing the name of the Lord is a way of blessing Him.

The Power. The Bible is filled with examples of power being released at the mention of or invocation of the Lord’s name. Demons depart at His name. Diseases disappear at His name. Difficulties straighten out at His name. Dark storm clouds clear up at his name. Disabled limbs leap at His name. Bless the Lord’s name because of the power in and associated with it.

The Presence. Calling the name of the Lord not only represents Him. It re-presents Him. That is to say, it brings His presence. He lives where His name is and He comes to where His name is called. Thus, if you ever have a hard time feeling His presence, just bless His holy name until you do.

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