World Evangelism

World Evangelism

This weeks blog lends itself to the topic of world missions. There are five truths regarding world evangelization that are readily apparent. First, there is the fact that the enemy is a formidable one. The god of this world strongly resents and resists any incursion on his turf by the gospel and those who proclaim it. The gospel is a message of the One who has won the victory on the cross as evidenced by an empty tomb. The enemy will place his forces in the way and seek to intimidate those who are in God’s army. Let no one who goes into the fray go without the full armor of God. There have been too many people who have done so to their own hurt.

A second great truth is the fact that although the enemy is strong and threatening. God has sovereignly commanded His people go forth into the battle. The enemy must be engaged on the field, for that is the manner in which the loving and almighty God has determined to reach those presently enslaved by Satan. Let every soldier in God’s army remember that his Commanding Officer has already given the word to go. To do less is to disregard orders and be disobedient to the Lord. A third great missions truth is that some believers need more encouragement than others in the great battle for souls of men. By nature some are timid. They see the need and know what is expected of them; yet they still are hesitant to launch out into the work. This is where and encourager is needed – someone like a Deborah or a Barnabas who can see the potential in others and go along with them to lend moral support. This principle is exemplified by adherents of some of the large cults that send their missionaries out two by two. Although not every missionary needs another to actually go with him, every missionary does need encouragement. Pray for those who serve, and let them know you stand with them in prayer and in other ways as well. Send letters, E-mail, or birthday and anniversary cards. Do not limit your creativity when it comes to standing with missionaries.

A fourth truth regarding world missions from this weeks blog is that God goes before His servants to prepare the way. God has not called anyone to go where He has not gone before. The call of God has both a method and a rationale. His ministers can boldly go forth in His name and for His sake. They can step out in full knowledge that they are following Him, going where God has already been.

A fifth and final point from the text that is applicable to missions is the fact, in the end, the enemy will be defeated. The man and woman of God who obediently follow the call may well face opposition and hard-ship along the way, but will in the end have the privilege of being on victory’s side.

There may be casualties. Success may seem elusive. Rest may be hard to find. In the end, however, the servant of the living God will be victorious. The enemy, who often seemed to have the upper hand, will lie defeated, never again to plague the saints of god. May we all be inspired to go forth and encourage others to do the same for the cause of Christ.

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