Free from Care

Free from Care

“casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

There are at least three kinds of care. First, there is careful. Here, caution, conservatism, wisdom and even fear can cause each step or act to be taken meticulously and deliberately. Secondly, there is careless. With carelessness, there is little to no regard or consideration of details or consequences. Que sera, sera! (What will be, will be.) With carelessness, preventable mistakes are made which usually lead to regrettable outcomes.

The third kind of care is carefree. Carefree is not cautious and reserved like careful. Carefree is not reckless like careless. Carefree is simply free of care. Carefree is able to carry the weight without the worry. Carefree is able to face the struggle without the stress. Carefree is able to have uncertainty without anxiety. I Peter 5: 7 teaches us precisely how this can be done. A person can instantly become carefree once they cast all of their care upon Christ. Consider this:

  1. If Christ is carrying the load then the burden is off of you.
  2. If you cast all of your care upon Him, then you are truly free.
  3. If you trust Him to work a situation out, you become free of worrying about the outcome.
  4. The reason you can cast all of your cares upon Him is because He can handle them better than you and because He cares for you.

Which of the three kinds of care best describes you today?

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