Get the Word Out

Get the Word Out

The very reason missionaries and others are needed to share the gospel of Christ is, in essence, the same reason God gave Israel a king. That reason is people’s rejection of God. That attitude is seen repeatedly throughout history as recorded in the Bible. There was the generation that preceded the Flood and then the generation at Babel. The rise of idolatry and various false religions give evidence of a wholesale rejection of God. Even after God had chosen a people for Himself, we find they too rejected Him on numerous occasions.

The casual reader of the Bible will quickly encounter more incidents of God being spurned than he would want to keep track of. No more than a casual look at the world today is needed to see that a vast majority of mankind is lost and has no use for the living God. Sadly, attendance at many Christian churches and the number of closed churches reveal less than an enthusiastic desire for worship and to know God’s word. The reason for this situation is, of course, sin and all its disastrous effects on the human soul. One of the resultant effects is that people have either forgotten or are ignorant of what God has done. In their turning away from God, they have become intellectually oblivious to the wonder and love and grace and majesty of almighty God.

People conveniently overlook the fact that it is God who provides the seed, sends the rain, and causes the sun to shine. They need to be taught the truth about God and his deeds, as well as the truth about themselves. They need someone who cares for them even though they do not care for their own soul. People in general also are ignorant of what God wanted to do. His plan for the ages as laid out in the Bible will come to pass, and all mankind will play a part in it. The part they play will depend on their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is where the missionary, the pastor, the Sunday school teacher, and every believer come in. There is a message to be told to the nations, beginning with the person next door, across the street, in the same office, or sitting at the next desk in school. The message, of course, is the good news of Jesus Christ: who He is and what He has done. The message needs to be conveyed about His intercession with the Father, His future return in glory, the need for repentance and faith, and all the other wonderful truths In the Bible.

Although God graciously exhibits great patience with those who have rejected Him, the need is urgent in terms of getting the message out to as many as possible. The home, the neighborhood, the world needs Samuels – those who are doing the will of God by boldly proclaiming to the people where they have gone wrong and what needs to be done as never before.

Samuel also displayed the kind of attitude today’s servant needs. That is the attitude of concern that causes the messenger to uphold people in prayer even though they have rejected the Lord. May God call and raise up a vast army of willing servants for a great missionary advance in these last days.

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