The Call of God

The Call of God

Something many struggle with is determining what the will of the Lord is. How can someone tell whether God is calling him into some aspect of service, such as missions? It would seem the account of Samuel’s call in Scripture might give some insight along with other helpful pointers in terms of ministry. The call of God is not necessarily a quick and fleeting call that a person might miss if he is not tuned to God at a precise moment. With Samuel, at least, along with others such as Moses (Exod. 3:2-3), the call of God persisted. It would not go away.

Often missionaries and pastors have testified that preaching, or whatever their task was, was something they just had to do. They had no inward peace when they were away from the ministry, and to them this was a confirmation from the Lord. It does seem to be something someone should look for when deciding the will of God for his life. His call would not go away. There is also a great need for older and wiser and more mature believers to offer words of guidance to younger Christians. The elders in the church should be approachable so that young people feel free to inquire of them. They should also always be able to give direction to those who seek their counsel. Blessed is the church in which both young and old are in touch and can relate to each other.

There is something very special and encouraging in the life of Samuel to any who in some way minister the Word of God. It is this: when the servant of the Lord faithfully proclaims the Word God has given, God faithfully brings that word to pass. He does not let it “fall to the ground” (Sam. 3:19). The Word of the Lord is both true and abiding, and all He says will come to pass. When His Word is the message, unadulterated in content, the Lord will not make His messengers liars. It is when men mix God’s Word with their opinions or some other way dilute it that God sometimes seems to fail in what He says.

The minister must also speak the Word boldly to any whom the Lord sends him. He must speak out against the false gods of society and urge men and women to turn “to God from idols to serve the living and true God” (I Thess. 1:19). John the Baptist, Paul, and many others including Samuel set the example of saying what needs to be said.

The Bible presents the Christian life and ministry as a war for the hearts and souls of men. It is a battle that at times may be easy but at other times may be difficult and bleak. Victories sometimes are handily won, while others may take a great deal of warfare and toil before they happen. However they may come about, it is always good to celebrate the victories.

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