Scary Free

Scary Free

“…because he had often been bound with shackles and chains. And the chains had been pulled apart by him, and the shackles broken in pieces; neither could anyone tame him.” – Mark 5: 4

When Jesus entered the Gadarene coasts, He was immediately met by a man who was possessed with a legion of demons. The ironic part about him is that he was unbound, but bound. That is to say, he was so strong that even when his family and friends tried to bind him with chains and shackles, he tore them off. It is amazing how a person can be so bound that even without anything on the outside, nothing seems to be able to control what is holding them on the inside. In any case, when he meets Jesus, his liberation begins. The demons in the man recognized Jesus. Even if no one else in town knew who Jesus was, the demons in this man did. They knew who He was and the power He had. In fact, they called Him by name, referred to Him as the Son of the Most High and, then, pleaded with Him not to torment them. Imagine that. Demons afraid that someone is going to torment them!

The demons in the man were rebuked by Jesus. According to verse 8 of Mark 5, Jesus had already rebuked the demons and commanded them to come out of the man. This tells us that they not only recognized Jesus, but responded to the authority of His word. They understood that they had to go because Jesus said so. The word of Christ actually has that kind of power. If you don’t believe it, ask that Centurion who told Jesus: “…just speak the word and my servant will be healed.” (Matthew 8: 8)

The demons in the man were released by Jesus. Unfortunately, until the end of time, demons are not destroyed. They can only be cast out. This means that even if they are cast out of one place, they simply move somewhere else. That is why whenever you attempt to cast out demons, you must make sure you give them specific instructions on where to go when they leave. When Jesus gave them permission to go into the swine, He was in effect saying what the trustees at church say when the saints want to tarry and talk all night after worship. “You don’t have to go home, but you do have to get out of here!”

The demoniac was restored by Jesus. A most delightful and frightful thing occurred. When the townspeople showed up at the graveyard where the man had been running around, they were astounded by what they found. The man who had been wild was sitting. The man who had been naked was fully clothed. The man who had been insane was in his right mind. The change was so radical and undeniable that it scared them.

All of this proves that when Jesus truly sets a person free, they become scary free!

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