“(Heb., or rather Egyptian, ahu, Job 8:11), rendered “meadow” in” “Gen. 41:2, 18; probably the Cyperus esculentus, a species of” “rush eaten by cattle, the Nile reed. It also grows in Palestine.” “In Ex. 2:3, 5, Isa. 19:6, it is the rendering of the Hebrewsuph_, a word which occurs frequently in connection with _yam;” “as yam suph, to denote the “Red Sea” (q.v.) or the sea of weeds” “(as this word is rendered, Jonah 2:5). It denotes some kind of” “sedge or reed which grows in marshy places. (See PAPER,” REED.)

“Heb. ashishah, (2 Sam. 6:19; 1 Chr. 16:3; Cant. 2:5; Hos. 3:1),” “meaning properly “a cake of pressed raisins.” “Flagons of wine” “of the Authorized Version should be, as in the Revised Version,” cakes of raisins in all these passages. In Isa. 22:24 it is “the rendering of the Hebrew nebel, which properly means a bottle” “or vessel of skin. (Comp. 1 Sam. 1:24; 10:3; 25:18; 2 Sam. 16:1,” where the same Hebrew word is used.)

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