Our mission is to help sustain the work of foreign nationals that reach out with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel and compassionately meeting the needs of hurting people, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved and establishing new converts into the body and ministry of local Christian churches.

TEL International’s  growing family of indigenous missionaries are brought together by a common set of core values. These enduring values have guided us in our interactions with those we serve and with each other throughout our history. These core values are also the cornerstone of our character as a mission society and of our Code of Ethics, and helps to drive our culture of compliance, ethical decision making and accountability.

Evangelism Focused

The Great Commission compels us to make evangelism our primary focus. We plan to initiate, coordinate, facilitate and oversee missions and outreach programs that invite, welcome, encourage and inspire persons to join in and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ and the new life He offers. Everything we do must filter through the desire for and the purpose of evangelizing the world. Christ commanded it. We must do it. The responsibility for evangelism will reside in everyone, wherever they are.  Not only the professional church planters “in the field”, but also the treasurer, and even the intercessor team will all look for daily opportunities to connect with un-churched people and share their testimony to how God is at work in their lives.  Evangelism, in its many forms, is a core piece of living our Christian life.

Discipleship Driven

Matthew 28:19 clearly demonstrates that evangelism is incomplete without making disciples. Disciples do more than merely believe; they obey the Lord, adhering to His ways. To make a disciple requires teaching, mentoring, and modeling the lifestyle of Jesus. Discipleship involves growth towards maturity and teaching converts to become “disciplers. The work of discipleship is the work of multiplication, not addition, meaning it starts slow and builds over time.  Jesus had thousands of people come to hear him preach and attend his feeding programs.  But the primary discipleship work took place not even in his small group of the twelve, but in Peter, James and John who were with him at key points in his life, learned by experiencing how Jesus handled things, and became the leaders who could carry on once Jesus left.  Our missionary society will be patient enough to do the slow groundwork initially to have a powerful impact over the long-term.

Church Centered

We are committed to being a Mission that begins, nurtures, and equips churches to be the expression of Christ in their communities and to reach out with indigenous or native missionary vision and action. 

Compassion Motivated

Compassion is a common virtue that moves us to reach out to the whole man: body, soul, and spirit. We care deeply about the dignity of people who suffer in our world and are motivated by God’s love to bring love, hope and peace to people in need. We enjoy interacting with nationals and feel a deep satisfaction in our friendships with them. As we labor along side of them, we become embolden at what we see as opportunities present themselves.

Integrity Guided

We are honest in our communications, transparent and accountable in our finances and trustworthy in our relationships. We conduct ourselves and our missionary society in ways which are highly ethical and above reproach.