TEL International has taken measures on multiple levels to ensure the oversight of its ministry and its endurance in faithfulness. Our structure of accountability is two-fold: (1) a fellowship of supporting churches; and (2) a board of directors. This structure provides the foundation for our work to make disciples, plant churches, develop leaders, bring relief to those who suffer needlessly, and restore dignity to individuals and communities throughout the world.

Supporting Church Accountability 

Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling to be in mission, and reaching out in mission. Regardless of where we are in our spiritual journey, as Christians, we are privileged and at the same time expected to be active participants in God’s mission work in the world. Most central to our missions effort is the fact that we are participants in mission work with the local church. There are a number of supporting churches that assist us in both counsel and oversight. The unwavering principles by which these churches hold us accountable are as follows:

(1) TEL will maintain an open-door policy with the churches in any and every aspect of its administration and ministry. (2) TEL recognizes that the churches have the right and responsibility to request any information or investigate any matter that would be relevant to the goal of accountability – doctrine, practice, ethics, finances, etc. (3) TEL will be proactive in providing a quarterly financial report to the churches. (4) TEL will be proactive in notifying the churches of any major changes in policy or doctrine or of any major decisions affecting the ministry – expansion into new fields of labor, appointment of new missionaries, major projects, etc., and (5) TEL recognizes that the churches have the right and responsibility to publicize any concern with our doctrine or ethics and to withdraw fellowship if the matter should remain unresolved.

Board of Directors 

As a 501(c)(3) (or non-profit) organization, TEL International has a board of directors to aid in directing and monitoring its activities, and is governed by individuals invested in Kingdom work. A commitment to and understanding of missions work is vital to each board member as they guide this organization.