“Remaining portion, the city of Joshua in the hill country of” “Ephraim, the same as Timnath-heres (Josh. 19:50; 24:30). “Of all” “sites I have seen,” says Lieut. Col. Conder, “none is so” “striking as that of Joshua’s home, surrounded as it is with deep” “valleys and wild, rugged hills.” Opposite the town is a hill, on” the northern side of which there are many excavated sepulchres. “Among these is the supposed tomb of Joshua, which is said to be” “the most striking monument in the country. It is a “square” “chamber with five excavations in three of its sides, the central” one forming a passage leading into a second chamber beyond. A “great number of lamp-niches cover the walls of the porch,” “upwards of two hundred, arranged in vertical rows. A single” cavity with a niche for a lamp has been thought to be the “resting-place of the warrior-chief of Israel.” The modern Kefr” “Haris, 10 miles south-west of Shechem.”

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