Call to Missionary Service

Call to Missionary Service

I firmly believe that God is still calling individuals and couples to commit to missionary service; so the question is how someone discovers whether he is being called to serve as a missionary. You might be thinking that this question should be directed just to younger people, such as high school students or recent college graduates. However, I know that this is not necessarily the case.

That said, I’ve¬†discovered that there are some common elements in a calling to long-term ministry, including missions. First, there is some type of establishing encounter with God. Second, there is a time of reflection, even doubt, concerning the calling. Third, there is an affirmation of the calling through the body of Christ. Finally, there is a willingness to unconditionally obey the calling of God. Intimately related to these common elements is personal responsibility. What can you do to discover whether God is calling you to the mission field? The following practical action steps may shed some light on this issue. First, you need to immerse yourself in God’s Word. Second, you need to listen to God’s Holy Spirit, who is your inner Witness to confirm or disprove the validity of the calling. Third, you need to depend on God’s sovereignty, knowing that He always leads by opening and closing spiritual doorways. Finally, you should seek the counsel of mature Christians such as your pastor, your spiritual mentor, or your close friend.

I want to encourage you to take the time to consider whether God is calling you to missionary service. I am not trying to make you feel guilty; I am just trying to challenge you to be available. If after embracing the ideas you have just read you believe that God is not calling you to missions, you are free to serve Him and glorify Him by His grace right where you are.

The truth of Luke 10:2 still rings true and clear today. Called laborers are still needed to spread God’s Word to a lost and dying world. Please endeavor to respond to God’s divine call to serve Him.

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