Personal Evangelism

Personal Evangelism

In this modern, technological age, some dismiss the value of personal evangelism on the premise that more of the lost can be won through television, radio, the internet, and print media. Modern media have proved to be of value in reaching the unsaved, but they are very expensive and must vie for an audience with entertainment and sports opportunities. Furthermore, evangelism has always had a personal element and our obligation to personal involvement cannot be deeded to methods.

Home-to-home visitation personalizes the gospel and confronts the unbeliever with critical choices. The local church that is mobilized to reach its corner of the vineyard will see souls saved. In addition, the fellowship will discover that every aspect of their ministry pulsates with a new vibrancy. The book of Jude points out that lost people in three categories must be reached in personal evangelism. Jude 1:22, says, “Of some have compassion, making a difference.” This statement is interpreted to mean that there are many people, some in your community, who are not bitter enemies of God. To some extent, they are open to the gospel and should be reached.

Verse 23 describes a second category when it speaks of “pulling them out of the fire”. These could be hardcore adherents of cults and false religions who are steeped in unscriptural systems. Most believers shy away from reaching out to these people, but Jude emphasizes that we must try. Finally, there are those in “garment(s) spotted by the flesh.” Some scholars believes¬† these may be those whose lifestyles have the “aura of glamour, gaiety, and seductive appearance.” The warning is for the soul-winner to avoid falling into the very same compromising sin.

Perhaps the most neglected tool in evangelism is simply inviting the lost to a church service or activity. In churches that have regular exposition of the Word of God, it should be the believer’s habit to invite unsaved loved ones, friends, and neighbors to experience the clear teaching of biblical truth. Churches who do well typically hold home-to-home campaigns on a regular or occasional basis. Believers with an infectious personality can perform an invaluable service by taking up the high points of your church. Is the music a high point? Do you have special activities for children or teens?

Those who are comfortable in witnessing should be regularly assigned to contact neighbors around the church. New believers often have the most zeal for soul-winning and the freshest kind of appeal.

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